2019 Ape Hero Round 2 (CLOSED)

Win 3 x $100 for Your Favorite Primate Charity *** This initiative/award is currently closed *** We’ve all seen them, we’ve all shared them, we all love them. Nope, we’re not talking about cat videos here, but about memes! Yes, memes. Whether it’s Leo DiCaprio’s ‘Great Gatsby Reaction’, the ‘Success Kid’, ‘Sad Keanu’, or the ‘Grumpy Cat’, you’re probablyContinue reading “2019 Ape Hero Round 2 (CLOSED)”

Ape Hero

Raising Public Awareness, Saving Primate Lives *** This initiative/award is currently closed *** The Ape Hero contests raise public awareness about the increasingly perilous situation of many primate species, especially the great apes, and the critical need for their conservation. In an ongoing series that features a new contest every few months, Ape Hero rewards people whoContinue reading “Ape Hero”

Bio-Ideate Competition / 2016

Winner of Bio-Ideate Asia-Pacific Biohacking Competition / 2016:EsoGlove *** This initiative/award is closed *** The 2016 run of Bio-Ideate Asia-Pacific Biohacking Competition received about 21 entries from various countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Australia, Japan and China who underwent a tough selection process which included infographics/posters, social media voting, video pitching and judging byContinue reading “Bio-Ideate Competition / 2016”

Actions for Primate Conservation

Preserving Primate Survival and Well-being *** This initiative/award is closed now. *** Since its inception, Croeni Charity concentrated on primate survival and well-being, with a geographic focus on Southeast Asia and Madagascar. We collaborate with primate conservation experts and organizations to transfer knowledge, identify and create synergies between existing actions and initiatives, and to protectContinue reading “Actions for Primate Conservation”

Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project: Only 53 Individuals Remaining

The Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project (CBLCP) was founded in 2000 to halt the impending extinction of the Cat Ba Langur (Trachypithecus Poliocephalus), a critically endangered leaf eating monkey endemic to Cat Ba Island off the shore of northern Vietnam. Since its initiation, the project has worked on species and habitat protection, law enforcement, population monitoring, environmental education,Continue reading “Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project: Only 53 Individuals Remaining”

Species on the Brink: One Voice for Stakeholder Engagement

Reversing the Decline in Species on the Brink of Extinction Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) is an interagency coalition to address the extinction risk among the most threatened non-marine vertebrates of Southeast Asia. Organizations within the international conservation community are joining forces to minimise impending extinctions in this area of the world, where habitat loss, tradeContinue reading “Species on the Brink: One Voice for Stakeholder Engagement”

Quick Response Biodiversity Fund (SEA): 2,500 hectares Rainforest protection in Leuser-Ecosystem

Acquiring High Priority Habitat to Protect Biodiversity 1% for the Planet and RESOLVE have partnered with the Weeden Foundation to create a fund for high priority habitat acquisitions for the purpose of protecting biodiversity. The Quick Response Biodiversity Fund (QRBF) was launched in February 2015. Check out an article about the QRBF in Mongabay. In 2016, QRBF Southeast Asia wasContinue reading “Quick Response Biodiversity Fund (SEA): 2,500 hectares Rainforest protection in Leuser-Ecosystem”

Inspiring Conservation News: MONGABAY

News and Inspiration from Nature’s Frontline Mongabay operates a widely popular conservation news and environmental science website that focuses on issues related to forests, wildlife, and oceans. Mongabay also runs Mongabay-Indonesia, a successful Indonesian-language environmental news service; WildMadagascar.org, a site that highlights the biological and cultural richness of Madagascar; and Tropical Conservation Science, an open-access journal that provides opportunities for scientistsContinue reading “Inspiring Conservation News: MONGABAY”

Conservation Enterprise Development Program (CEPD), Myanmar, Cambodia, 2017

Supporting Sustainable Market-BasedConservation-Friendly Enterprises The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is a science-based global conservation NGO protecting regions which are biologically outstanding and where the long-term conservation of species and ecological processes is viable. Within these regions, WCS’s Conservation Enterprise Development Program (CEDP) fosters and incubates promising new and existing enterprises and business concepts with the highest long-term potential forContinue reading “Conservation Enterprise Development Program (CEPD), Myanmar, Cambodia, 2017”

Almost Famous Award / 2016 Spring

Winner of Almost Famous Award / 2016 Spring:Save Vietnam’s Wildlife *** CLOSED *** Congratulations to Save Vietnam’s Wildlife who receives the SGD5,000 prize and big thank you to all the participants. About Winning Organization Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is a national non-profit organisation, committed to protecting and increasing populations of threatened wildlife in Vietnam by rescuing threatened animals, protectingContinue reading “Almost Famous Award / 2016 Spring”