Bio-Ideate Competition / 2016

Winner of Bio-Ideate Asia-Pacific Biohacking Competition / 2016:EsoGlove *** This initiative/award is closed *** The 2016 run of Bio-Ideate Asia-Pacific Biohacking Competition received about 21 entries from various countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Australia, Japan and China who underwent a tough selection process which included infographics/posters, social media voting, video pitching and judging byContinue reading “Bio-Ideate Competition / 2016”

German Association for Aging Research, 2016

The German Association for Aging Research (DGfA) is an inter-disciplinary non-profit organisation based in Nürnberg, established in 1990 by scientists and physician scientists to provide exchange platform for aging research in Germany. There is growing evidence that comparison of different model organisms can help to increase our understanding of the molecular causes of aging. One currentContinue reading “German Association for Aging Research, 2016”

Longitudinal Aging Studies, 2015/16/17

Performed in Tübingen at the Center for Medical Research, University of Tübingen, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Graham Pawelec, the comparative study of SLAS (Singapore Longitudinal Aging Study) / BASE (Berlin Aging Study) aims at analysing the impact of immunosenescence in different societies, with implications for health and longevity. Impact Croeni Charity supported this initiative with an unrestricted educational researchContinue reading “Longitudinal Aging Studies, 2015/16/17”

Regenerative Medicine

SENS Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that is transforming the way the world researches and treats age-related disease. The research it funds at universities around the world and at its own Research Center uses regenerative medicine to repair the damage underlying the diseases of aging. The SENS Research Foundation’s goal is to help buildContinue reading “Regenerative Medicine”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Flatten the Curve (April, 2021)

*** LAST UPDATED: 2021, JUNE. THIS INITIATIVE IS CLOSED *** *** This disclaimer applies to this website. While we make every effort to make sure the information in this website is accurate and informative, the information does not take the place of professional or medical advice. Do not use our information: to diagnose, treat, cureContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Flatten the Curve (April, 2021)”

Biology of Ageing Conference

Discussing Biological Aspects of Ageing A*STAR, in cooperation with NUHS, hosted the scientific forum Biology of Ageing Conference – Senescence, Regulation and Intervention, from 22nd to 24th October 2015, in Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore. Singapore as well as most of industrialized countries are facing the grey tsunami. Research experts and leaders in the field discussedContinue reading “Biology of Ageing Conference”