Get in touch

Due to the number of messages we receive, please allow 4 – 6 weeks for a response to a relevant and concise enquiry, and additional time for inquiries not relevant to our work.

Partners & Sponsors

We are always keen on hearing from like-minded partners or sponsors looking to initiate and enable high-impact projects. Before contacting us, please ensure that your partnership proposal is relevant to our work and desired outcomes.

Geographic Focus

We primarily focus on projects in Southeast Asia and Australia, with secondary consideration for initiatives in Europe and North America. Presently, we are not considering projects in China, India or Africa (with the exception of Madagascar).

Croeni Charity is exclusively represented by its founder Jan Croeni, and by “Croeni Foundation“, a Donor-Advised-Fund (DAF) managed by the California Community Foundation (CCF) in Los Angeles, USA.

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