2019 Ape Hero Round 2 (CLOSED)

Win 3 x $100 for Your Favorite Primate Charity *** This initiative/award is currently closed *** We’ve all seen them, we’ve all shared them, we all love them. Nope, we’re not talking about cat videos here, but about memes! Yes, memes. Whether it’s Leo DiCaprio’s ‘Great Gatsby Reaction’, the ‘Success Kid’, ‘Sad Keanu’, or the ‘Grumpy Cat’, you’re probablyContinue reading “2019 Ape Hero Round 2 (CLOSED)”

Ape Hero

Raising Public Awareness, Saving Primate Lives *** This initiative/award is currently closed *** The Ape Hero contests raise public awareness about the increasingly perilous situation of many primate species, especially the great apes, and the critical need for their conservation. In an ongoing series that features a new contest every few months, Ape Hero rewards people whoContinue reading “Ape Hero”

Solving the Last Mile Problem with Assistive Walking Technologies

GIVING URBAN MOBILITY Cars were a great replacement for horses and carts at the beginning of the 19th century. But today cars are number 1 cause of death for citizens who suffer from pollution and reduced health as a result of sedentary lifestyle. Perhaps the next step in the evolution of urban transportation is not betterContinue reading “Solving the Last Mile Problem with Assistive Walking Technologies”

Charity Art Take the Art Pledge

Commit Yourself to Regular Artistic Charitable Giving Taking the art pledge and doing good is simple. It creates a sense of accountability and holds you to your word. It also makes it clear to charities that you might be willing to support them and their causes. Feel free to copy the following text and customizeContinue reading “Charity Art Take the Art Pledge”