Actions for Primate Conservation

Preserving Primate Survival and Well-being

*** This initiative/award is closed now. ***

Since its inception, Croeni Charity concentrated on primate survival and well-being, with a geographic focus on Southeast Asia and Madagascar.

We collaborate with primate conservation experts and organizations to transfer knowledge, identify and create synergies between existing actions and initiatives, and to protect habitat and species.

For example, our initiatives Ape HeroPrimate Innovation Award and Species on the Brink explore best ways to create synergies for marketing and merchandising between primate organizations.

Our Actions for Primate Conservation Initiatives

Almost Famous Award, SOUTHEAST ASIA

The Almost Famous Award gives a voice to animal species that most of us do not know exist and that…


The Ape Hero contests raise public awareness about the increasingly perilous situation of many primate species, especially the great apes,…

Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project, VIETNAM

The Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project (CBLCP) in Vietnam was founded in 2000 to halt the impending extinction of the Cat Ba Langur (Trachypithecus…

Lemur Conservation, MADAGASCAR

The Bristol Zoological Society (BZS) is a UK-based conservation charity made up of three distinct parts: Bristol Zoo Gardens, a…

Orangutan Outreach, INDONESIA

Orangutan Outreach was founded in 2007 to bring attention to the crisis facing orangutans in the wild due to deforestation…

Quick Response Biodiversity Fund (SEA)

1% for the Planet and RESOLVE have partnered with the Weeden Foundation to create a fund for high priority habitat acquisitions for the…

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