Ape Hero

Raising Public Awareness, Saving Primate Lives

*** This initiative/award is currently closed ***

The Ape Hero contests raise public awareness about the increasingly perilous situation of many primate species, especially the great apes, and the critical need for their conservation.

In an ongoing series that features a new contest every few months, Ape Hero rewards people who help promote primate conservation, bring it to attention of others, and raise funds for the cause.

Please follow the links below to find out more about the Ape Hero contests.

Past Runs

2018 / Ape Hero / Round 1

Do you like to draw or paint? Do you love apes and monkeys? Do you want to win $100 for…

2019 / Ape Hero / Round 2

We’ve all seen them, we’ve all shared them, we all love them. Nope, we’re not talking about cat videos here,…

Total Impact

The Ape Hero contest series generated the following total impact:

2018 / Ape Hero / Round 1

  • The contest was run from September 5 until November 11, 2018, i.e. for a period of approximately 11 weeks. 
  • Over its course, our posts about the contest on Facebook (organic non-paid promotion posts, shared submitted artworks, etc.) reached close to 13,000 unique users and were seen about 20,000 times. Approximately 1,250 unique users engaged with the posts, resulting in an impressive 10% engagement rate.
    On Twitter our posts generated around 15,000 impressions and were engaged with approximately 400 times for a 2.6% engagement rate.
    These numbers cover only impressions and engagement actions on our own posts. Numbers for posts made by the contestants or organizations that promoted the contest are not included as they are not available to us.
  • 20 contestants fulfilled the contest requirements, completing 122 of the contest actions for a total of 186 entries.
  • 14 different primate charities were nominated to receive the prize by the contestants, with the most support seen by Orangutan Veterinary Aid and Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. $300 of prize money was awarded to the winning organizations.
  • We reached out to approximately 60 different charity partners to announce and promote the contest, with an approximate 20 – 25% success rate.
  • There was a very significant and clear correlation between the support for the charities and the level to which they promoted the contest to their audience. Both OVAID and the BOS Foundation were the two organizations that were the most supportive of the contest and who most actively promoted it on their social media.
  • The contest web page was viewed by roughly 700 unique visitors from 40 different countries. The most popular countries were the UK, USA, Netherlands, Indonesia, Australia and Canada, generating around 75% of all visitors.
  • The contest helped increase the number of people who follow us on Facebook by roughly 77% and on Twitter by 225%.
  • Orangutans were by far the most favorite species, followed by chimpanzees and gorillas.

2019 / Ape Hero / Round 2

  • No eligible submissions for this round were received.
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