Species on the Brink: One Voice for Stakeholder Engagement

Reversing the Decline in Species on the Brink of Extinction

Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) is an interagency coalition to address the extinction risk among the most threatened non-marine vertebrates of Southeast Asia.

Organizations within the international conservation community are joining forces to minimise impending extinctions in this area of the world, where habitat loss, trade and hunting has contributed to a dramatic loss of its rich and incredible biodiversity.

By mobilising support where it is urgently needed, drawing on the collaborative expertise of conservation practitioners, pooling resources and efforts to maximise efficiency, and galvanising political will, ASAP hopes to minimise extinctions which could be imminent within the next two to three decades.

Croeni Charity supported ASAP through a grant and helping to develop and host www.speciesonthebrink.org.



ASAP works to avert extinctions of the most threatened land and freshwater vertebrates in Southeast Asia—species on the brink. Many of these species are little known and have little or no conservation effort going towards their conservation. An essential role for ASAP is to raise the profile of these species, whilst also improving understanding and support for their conservation.

The development and hosting of the Species on the Brink website has been a significant development enhancing ASAP’s ability to engage with the many stakeholders vital to the conservation of these critically endangered species and to communicate their urgent conservation needs.

ASAP’s annual report as well as their 5 year strategy plan can be found on the website.

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