Solving the Last Mile Problem with Assistive Walking Technologies

GIVING URBAN MOBILITY Cars were a great replacement for horses and carts at the beginning of the 19th century. But today cars are number 1 cause of death for citizens who suffer from pollution and reduced health as a result of sedentary lifestyle. Perhaps the next step in the evolution of urban transportation is not betterContinue reading “Solving the Last Mile Problem with Assistive Walking Technologies”

Bio-Ideate Competition / 2016

Winner of Bio-Ideate Asia-Pacific Biohacking Competition / 2016:EsoGlove *** This initiative/award is closed *** The 2016 run of Bio-Ideate Asia-Pacific Biohacking Competition received about 21 entries from various countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Australia, Japan and China who underwent a tough selection process which included infographics/posters, social media voting, video pitching and judging byContinue reading “Bio-Ideate Competition / 2016”

Makanpreneur Accelerator Program, 2017

Encouraging Sustainable Food Alternatives *** THIS INITIATIVE HAS BEEN CLOSED, 2017 *** We invite aspiring food entrepreneurs to apply for Makanpreneur (“Foodpreneur”), the first accelerator program to develop sustainable food alternatives, with total in-cash and in-kind support value of up to SGD60,000. How can the existing food system be improved for healthier, more affordable andContinue reading “Makanpreneur Accelerator Program, 2017”

UNFRAMED: 500+ Social Entrepreneurs trained, Singapore, 2015-2019

Growing Entrepreneurs for Greater Impact UNFRAMED—one of Singapore’s first social accelerators—believes in the power of individuals to address the most prevailing social challenges, selects the most committed and promising social-impact entrepreneurs, and nurtures these changemakers with the community and the support of an ecosystem of outstanding partners. By enabling remarkable entrepreneurs to realise their fullContinue reading “UNFRAMED: 500+ Social Entrepreneurs trained, Singapore, 2015-2019”

Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow, 2016

The Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow (SLoT) Forum is the island city-state’s first inter-generational and inter-cultural leadership summit in biotechnology, where the nation’s leading minds in biotechnology converge and discuss about the ‘gaps’ in the biotech industry be it Research & innovation gap, Funding gap or Public Perception gap. It was held on October 19, 2016 at Fusionopolis,Continue reading “Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow, 2016”


*** THIS INITIATIVE IS CLOSED *** Our Impact Fellowship for INDIVIDUALS and for SOCIAL ENTERPRISES & NGOs are initiatives to seed and grow impact through time well-spent together. Impact Fellowship, INDIVIDUALS A single individual, at the right moment in time, will make a difference. What can one person do? The Impact Fellowships funds outstanding individuals to advance philanthropy, environmentalContinue reading “IMPACT FELLOWSHIP TO SEED AND GROW IMPACT”