Bio-Ideate Competition / 2016

Winner of Bio-Ideate Asia-Pacific Biohacking Competition / 2016:

*** This initiative/award is closed ***

The 2016 run of Bio-Ideate Asia-Pacific Biohacking Competition received about 21 entries from various countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Australia, Japan and China who underwent a tough selection process which included infographics/posters, social media voting, video pitching and judging by experts.


The grand prize of SGD2,500 was claimed by Team EsoGlove, Singapore, who developed a prototype for a soft and wearable glove that provides assistance to hand movements during activities of daily living (ADL) and rehabilitation for hand-impaired patients.


1st Runner-Up

Team Neurospeed, Taiwan, developed an idea of a rapid screening device, which could do detailed course monitoring, recording, and data analyzing, and moreover, assist clinical members like doctors and nurses, to get an early diagnosis of whether it is stroke or not, and save the patients.

2nd Runner-Up

APOllO NCTU_FORMOSA, Taiwain, is aiming aiming to engineer E.coli for cancer therapies, based on the concept of precision medicine.

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