Charity Art Take the Art Pledge

Commit Yourself to Regular Artistic Charitable Giving

Taking the art pledge and doing good is simple. It creates a sense of accountability and holds you to your word. It also makes it clear to charities that you might be willing to support them and their causes.

Feel free to copy the following text and customize it according to your own needs and preferences. You can also take into account the suggestions we provided in the Top Tips for Artists. Then post it on your website and do not forget to add the hashtag #ArtPledge.

Sample Art Pledge

Art has the power to evoke compassion and connect people’s hearts with charitable causes that are worth supporting. Although created with the best intentions, art donations can often be ad-hoc, one-off or not strategic enough and therefore less beneficial than they have the potential to be for all the parties involved—the artists, the charities, and the beneficiaries.

As an artist, I therefore decided to take the following art pledge:

“Every year, I pledge to donate a minimum of __________ (number of) art pieces to raise funds for the following causes: __________.

I am unfortunately not able to support charities that do not focus on these causes.

My art pledge started on __________ (date). Since then, I have donated  __________ art pieces (number of) and helped to raise $__________ for the following charity/ies: ______________ (list of charities).”


To find fellow artists who have already taken the pledge, you can search for #ArtPledge on Google.

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