Charity Art Top Tips for Artists

Top Tips for Artists Artists often feel the pain of other fellow human beings and animals. They develop compassion and passion for various charitable causes and try to alleviate suffering of others through generous art donations. Some artists do a great job in communicating their work to raise additional publicity both for themselves and theContinue reading “Charity Art Top Tips for Artists”

Charity Art: Top Tips for Galleries

Galleries and art brokers play an important role as intermediaries between artists and charities. As such, galleries can be very powerful in achieving impact, depending on their role and position and country specific customs and rules. Charities frequently need resources, sometimes urgently, and artists might feel obligated to help or guilty if they cannot assist.Continue reading “Charity Art: Top Tips for Galleries”

Charity Art: Top Tips for NGOs and Charities

Top Tips for NGOs and Charities NGOs and charities are serving communities in need under most severe circumstances. Often strapped for resources–whether cash, time or manpower—many charities are doing their very best to improve lives of their beneficiaries. Art donations and endorsements by compassionate artists can help charities tremendously in raising additional awareness and funds.Continue reading “Charity Art: Top Tips for NGOs and Charities”

Charity Art: Suggestions for Governments

Suggestions for Governments Artists, brokers and charities already come together to raise awareness and funds for various causes. In every ecosystem, there is always room for improvement and change can happen. During our initial international discussions, national governments and relevant agencies were recognized as important enablers of more effective charitable art. Sample suggestions for governmentsContinue reading “Charity Art: Suggestions for Governments”

Charity Art Take the Art Pledge

Commit Yourself to Regular Artistic Charitable Giving Taking the art pledge and doing good is simple. It creates a sense of accountability and holds you to your word. It also makes it clear to charities that you might be willing to support them and their causes. Feel free to copy the following text and customizeContinue reading “Charity Art Take the Art Pledge”

Charity Art: Leveraging Art’s Power for Positive Impact

Art has the power to evoke compassion and connect people’s hearts with charitable causes that are worth supporting. Although created with the best intentions, art donations can often be ad-hoc, one-off or not strategic enough and therefore less beneficial than they have the potential to be for all the parties involved—the artists, the charities, andContinue reading “Charity Art: Leveraging Art’s Power for Positive Impact”