Our Impact Fellowship for INDIVIDUALS and for SOCIAL ENTERPRISES & NGOs are initiatives to seed and grow impact through time well-spent together.

Impact Fellowship, INDIVIDUALS

A single individual, at the right moment in time, will make a difference.

What can one person do? The Impact Fellowships funds outstanding individuals to advance philanthropy, environmental conservation and healthy aging.

Each impact fellow creates ripples of positive change within a complex network of individuals and organizations, and we expect our fellows to evolve and continue doing good better and better.

The Impact Fellowship is limited to a few exceptional individuals annually who demonstrate the will and capability to be the change makers of tomorrow.

Impact Fellowship:

  • Up to S$5,000 unrestricted grant, subject to 1:1 matching by crowdfunding and/or reputable 3rd parties.
  • Applications are open throughout the year.
  • Applications for the Impact Fellowship are to be submitted by relevant and reputable organizations or members of society on behalf of the applicant. Applications by applicants themselves will NOT be considered.
  • The Fellow agrees, if means are available, to pay at least the same grant received forward to future Impact Fellows within the next 10 years.

Please email the application with not more than 500 words, convincingly demonstrating why the Impact Fellowship is deserved by the applicant, to CLOSED

Due to the high volume of emails received, only emails according to our guidelines above will be acknowledged or processed (within 4 – 6 weeks).

Impact Fellowship, SOCIAL ENTERPRISES & NGOs

Ideas, know-how and advice at the right time on how to do things better are a great way to nurture social entrepreneurs and non-profiteers, help them succeed in their social mission, and embody the true spirit of giving back to the community.

Our Impact Fellowship is open all year for social enterprises or NGOs which are referred to us through social accelerators (e.g. UNFRAMED, Singtel Futuremakers, raISE) or social business accelerators of Institutes of Higher Learning (e.g. NUS). Please take note that unsolicited applications will not be considered nor acknowledged.

Upon acceptance, fellows and mentors get to know each other, identify needs and wants, and discuss general rules of engagement in their first meeting. To be successful and to manage expectations, the following points should be addressed and agreed on:

  • Goals during mentorship.
  • Optional donations by fellow of min x% of gross revenue to recognized good causes.
  • Frequency and duration of meetings (e.g. 1 x 2hrs per week), fixed or flexible, start and end date.
  • Understanding that advice and suggestions by mentors do not represent a legal advice. It is fully up to the fellow’s discretion to accept and implement any suggestions.
  • Confidentiality or Non-liability agreements may be signed, if required.
  • Any potential conflict of interest shall be made clear by the mentor at the earliest possible time.
  • Satisfaction feedback to be submitted in writing by all parties every 3 months.

We invite experienced change makers with proven track record to join as advisors, mentors or investors to create lasting social impact.

If you would like to become an advisor on an ad-hoc basis and advise on specific topics, to take ownership of a startup’s success as a mentor and have the time and experience to share at regular intervals, or if social returns are paramount to you as an investor over financial returns, please connect with us.


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