Biology of Ageing Conference

Discussing Biological Aspects of Ageing

A*STAR, in cooperation with NUHS, hosted the scientific forum Biology of Ageing Conference – Senescence, Regulation and Intervention, from 22nd to 24th October 2015, in Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore.

Singapore as well as most of industrialized countries are facing the grey tsunami. Research experts and leaders in the field discussed various biological aspects of aging which includes cellular senescence, effects of nutrition and associated signaling pathways, inflammation and immune resolution and studies on intervention in the aging process.

The clinical, genetic, immune, metabolic and cognitive aspects of aging were covered together. Past, current and future intervention strategies in humans and models were discussed.

The conference, as well as a 10-year 1,000-people longevity study launched by A*STAR and announced at the conference, was noted in several newspaper articles, for example:


Croeni Charity supported the Biology of Ageing Conference through a grant.

While it can be challenging to measure impact of conferences which often result in intangible benefits such as new connections, increased collaboration and novel research opportunities, the first run of the Biology of Ageing Conference in 2015 was an important contributing factor in setting up a new Centre for Healthy Ageing at the National University Health System in Singapore, with an internationally renowned expert in ageing—professor Brian Kennedy—appointed as its director.

Additionally, the success of the first run of the Conference inspired the decision to hold it biennially and was followed up by a very successful Biology of Ageing II Conference in 2017 about Impactful Interventions.

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