German Association for Aging Research, 2016

The German Association for Aging Research (DGfA) is an inter-disciplinary non-profit organisation based in Nürnberg, established in 1990 by scientists and physician scientists to provide exchange platform for aging research in Germany.

There is growing evidence that comparison of different model organisms can help to increase our understanding of the molecular causes of aging. One current question is whether specific differences exist in the biology of aging.

Aging research in different model organisms should ultimately improve current diagnostic tools and therapeutic options to treat age-associated disease and functional decline of organismal functions. To this end, the DGfA has also included the research areas of clinical pharmacology and geriatric medicine.

Current research results are presented to the forum of interested physician scientists and biologists during the annual meeting and research papers are published on DGfA’s website.

Croeni Charity supported DGfA with a grant to organize their 2016 annual meeting.


The DGfA 2016 annual meeting was highly successful:

  • About 120 people attended.
  • The largest meeting of its kind in Germany (and likely in Europe).
  • Multiple prizes for posters and presentations were awarded to young scientists.
  • The quality of the presentations and the novel and highly interesting data on mechanisms of aging of various model systems were universally and exceedingly praised.
  • The annual meeting has become a platform that moves the science forward and supports young researchers and fosters interactions and new collaborations between them.

You can download the 2016 annual meeting program here.

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