Charity Art: Suggestions for Governments

Suggestions for Governments

Artists, brokers and charities already come together to raise awareness and funds for various causes.

In every ecosystem, there is always room for improvement and change can happen.

During our initial international discussions, national governments and relevant agencies were recognized as important enablers of more effective charitable art.

Sample suggestions for governments which were made included:

  • Support artists to have a more structured approach to giving while not being disadvantaged compared to other type of donors (e.g. when it comes to tax deductions).
  • While philanthropists and corporate donors typically enjoy tax benefits when donating art pieces, artists are often left out from tax benefits for their work and donations. How could artists enjoy better tax benefits or split the tax benefits with art buyers/donors?
  • Is it worth considering higher tax incentives for charitable art buyers/donors which would indirectly support artists as well?
  • Offer marketing support for NGOs to help sell charity art better.
  • Provide more support for initiatives that promote charity art in a more effective and transparent way.
  • Support charity art seals of approval and give awards to partners who demonstrate transparently how much money they raised and how it was split.
  • For a more transparent marketplace of artists and charities, maintain an online directory of all artists and charities involved in charity art. Allow artists to specify how and how often they are willing to support charities and what causes.
  • Do not increase red tape, reduce it.
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