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Taking the art pledge and doing good is simple.

Copy the following text, customize it according to your own preference and based on the suggestions provided in Part 1, and post it on your own website/artpledge

___________COPY BELOW______________

Art has the power to evoke compassion and connect people’s hearts with charitable causes that are worth supporting. Although created with the best intentions, art donations are often ad-hoc, one-off or not strategic enough and therefore less beneficial than they could be for all parties involved—the artists, the charities and the beneficiaries.

As an artist, I therefore decided to take the following art pledge:

“Every year I pledge to donate a minimum of __________ (number of) art pieces to raise funds for the following causes: ____________________________________.

Charities that do not focus on these causes can unfortunately not be supported.

My art pledge started in the year ________ . Since then I donated  __ art pieces and helped to raise __ $ for the following charity/ies: ______________ (name of charity). Profits went ___% to the charities”

#artpledge (please visit for more information)

____________ END ___________

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