Charity Art: Top Tips for NGOs and Charities

Top Tips for NGOs and Charities NGOs and charities are serving communities in need under most severe circumstances. Often strapped for resources–whether cash, time or manpower—many charities are doing their very best to improve lives of their beneficiaries. Art donations and endorsements by compassionate artists can help charities tremendously in raising additional awareness and funds.Continue reading “Charity Art: Top Tips for NGOs and Charities”

Charity Art: Suggestions for Governments

Suggestions for Governments Artists, brokers and charities already come together to raise awareness and funds for various causes. In every ecosystem, there is always room for improvement and change can happen. During our initial international discussions, national governments and relevant agencies were recognized as important enablers of more effective charitable art. Sample suggestions for governmentsContinue reading “Charity Art: Suggestions for Governments”

Charity Art: Leveraging Art’s Power for Positive Impact

Art has the power to evoke compassion and connect people’s hearts with charitable causes that are worth supporting. Although created with the best intentions, art donations can often be ad-hoc, one-off or not strategic enough and therefore less beneficial than they have the potential to be for all the parties involved—the artists, the charities, andContinue reading “Charity Art: Leveraging Art’s Power for Positive Impact”

Longitudinal Aging Studies, 2015/16/17

Performed in Tübingen at the Center for Medical Research, University of Tübingen, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Graham Pawelec, the comparative study of SLAS (Singapore Longitudinal Aging Study) / BASE (Berlin Aging Study) aims at analysing the impact of immunosenescence in different societies, with implications for health and longevity. Impact Croeni Charity supported this initiative with an unrestricted educational researchContinue reading “Longitudinal Aging Studies, 2015/16/17”

Orangutan Outreach, Great Apes Conservation, Borneo, Sumatra, 2015/16

Reach Out and Save the Orangutans Orangutan Outreach was founded in 2007 to bring attention to the crisis facing orangutans in the wild due to deforestation and the expansion of palm oil plantations into previously undisturbed areas of forest. Based in New York City, the organization collaborates with partners throughout Borneo and Sumatra. It has alsoContinue reading “Orangutan Outreach, Great Apes Conservation, Borneo, Sumatra, 2015/16”

UNFRAMED: 500+ Social Entrepreneurs trained, Singapore, 2015-2019

Growing Entrepreneurs for Greater Impact UNFRAMED—one of Singapore’s first social accelerators—believes in the power of individuals to address the most prevailing social challenges, selects the most committed and promising social-impact entrepreneurs, and nurtures these changemakers with the community and the support of an ecosystem of outstanding partners. By enabling remarkable entrepreneurs to realise their fullContinue reading “UNFRAMED: 500+ Social Entrepreneurs trained, Singapore, 2015-2019”

Inspiring Conservation News: MONGABAY

News and Inspiration from Nature’s Frontline Mongabay operates a widely popular conservation news and environmental science website that focuses on issues related to forests, wildlife, and oceans. Mongabay also runs Mongabay-Indonesia, a successful Indonesian-language environmental news service;, a site that highlights the biological and cultural richness of Madagascar; and Tropical Conservation Science, an open-access journal that provides opportunities for scientistsContinue reading “Inspiring Conservation News: MONGABAY”

Regenerative Medicine

SENS Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that is transforming the way the world researches and treats age-related disease. The research it funds at universities around the world and at its own Research Center uses regenerative medicine to repair the damage underlying the diseases of aging. The SENS Research Foundation’s goal is to help buildContinue reading “Regenerative Medicine”

Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project: Only 53 Individuals Remaining

The Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project (CBLCP) was founded in 2000 to halt the impending extinction of the Cat Ba Langur (Trachypithecus Poliocephalus), a critically endangered leaf eating monkey endemic to Cat Ba Island off the shore of northern Vietnam. Since its initiation, the project has worked on species and habitat protection, law enforcement, population monitoring, environmental education,Continue reading “Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project: Only 53 Individuals Remaining”

Species on the Brink: One Voice for Stakeholder Engagement

Reversing the Decline in Species on the Brink of Extinction Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) is an interagency coalition to address the extinction risk among the most threatened non-marine vertebrates of Southeast Asia. Organizations within the international conservation community are joining forces to minimise impending extinctions in this area of the world, where habitat loss, tradeContinue reading “Species on the Brink: One Voice for Stakeholder Engagement”