Almost Famous Award

Giving Voice to Lesser Known Endangered Animal Species

*** This initiative/award is currently closed ****

The Almost Famous Award gives a voice to animal species that most of us do not know exist and that we might not yet know enough about to keep them in existence. This award hopes to help raise awareness and funds to increase the survival chance of lesser known endangered animals.

Everybody loves cute cats, charming chimps, sensitive elephants, majestic whales and smiling dolphins. Accordingly, lots of awareness and funding is available for these animals. But what about the others?

Please visit the current run by clicking on the link below to learn more about raising awareness for endangered species and supporting our passionate conservation partners. All participating organizations have the chance to win prizes and, at the same time, improve their marketing and fundraising capabilities.

Past Runs

Almost Famous Award / 2016 Spring

Congratulations to Save Vietnam’s Wildlife who receives the SGD5,000 prize and big thank you to all the participants.

Almost Famous Award / 2018 Spring

Please visit the main Almost Famous Award page to learn more about the award.

Total Impact

The Almost Famous Award generated the following total impact thus far:

  • 20 eligible organizations, 8 participated in the award—40% participation rate
  • Around 10 critically endangered and lesser known species promoted through the award
  • Shared with close to 1 million Facebook fans in total, all posts combined reached a total of 2,100 likes and 2,160 shares
  • The award reached a measured total of 388,544 people just on Facebook
  • The top 3 posts by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife achieved 2,203 likes and shares in total. With their Facebook group having 6,350 followers, this is an incredible engagement rate of more than 11%
  • Average engagement rate was 4% (based on the top 3 submitted posts by each participant)
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