Almost Famous Award / 2017 Winter

Giving Voice to Lesser Known Endangered Animal Species

*** CLOSED ***

The Almost Famous Award gives a voice to animal species that most of us do not know exist and that we might not yet know enough about to keep them in existence. This award hopes to help raise awareness and funds to increase the survival chance of lesser known endangered animals.

Everybody loves cute cats, charming chimps, sensitive elephants, majestic whales and smiling dolphins. Accordingly, lots of awareness and funding is available for these animals. But what about the others?


  • 1st place: SGD 3,000
  • 2nd place: SGD 1,500
  • 3rd place: SGD 500


  • 23:59, October 15, 2017 (SGT (Singapore Time), UTC/GMT +8 hours)

Nomination Criteria


  1. The species must be critically endangered as per the IUCN Red List.
  2. No or low organized conservation efforts for the participating species
  3. Species must not be no current flagship species or well-known charismatic megafauna

Terms & Conditions

  • Anyone can participate, be it a NGO, Charity, company or individual
  • Post about one of the IUCN Red List species on your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), newsletter, or website.
  • Your post MUST include a link to the IUCN Red List species’ profile page as well as a hashtag #AlmostFamous.
  • You can make as many posts as you like, on any of your social media channels, as frequently as you wish. The post content should aim to raise the awareness of the species, provide information about it, or the threats it faces. You can make posts about different species (remember to include the link to the correct Red List species’ profile page), there is no limit on how many species you can or want to champion.
  • Your posts need to be accessible to the public, i.e. they can be viewed by anyone and not have any special privacy settings or be behind a paywall.
  • By the end of the deadline, share your 3 most popular posts on our FB page Make sure we are able to send you a private message, in case you are a winner.
  • The post popularity is measured by the number of ‘shares/re-tweets’ and ‘likes’ it receives. Each ‘share/re-tweet’ (or its equivalent, depending on the social media channel) is worth 2 points, while each ‘like’ (or its equivalent, depending on the social media channel) is worth 1 point.
  • The points from the ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ of your 3 most popular posts will be added up together and the person/organization with the highest points total will be declared a winner.
  • It is our hope that the prize incentivizes participating organizations to make full use of all media channels to engage with their target audience. Paid ads are one way to engage with existing fans, as well as reach a bigger target audience. As long as likes and shares are not generated in a fraudulent way, Facebook, Twitter, etc. boosts and ads are acceptable.
  • Croeni Foundation reserves the right to announce your or your organization’s name as participant or prize winner on our website, social media, printed materials, and other communication channels.
  • Prize money has to be used for conservation purposes of winning species. In case of doubt, the Croeni Foundation reserves the right to award the prize money to the next highest ranked participant(s).
  • The prize will be transferred to the winner within 1 month from the date of the winner announcement.
  • Winner will be invited to share best practise for marketing their winning posts with other participants.
  • Final decision is subject to the Croeni Foundation at its sole discretion
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